In 1960 Argiris Malamas started manufacturing channel letters, illuminated signs and advertising constructions in a small workshop in Santa Anna, Renti.

The handcrafted art was then developed by his son, Christos Malamas, who operated in a new workshop at Metaxourgeio for many years. Since then we serve the signage needs with precision and commitment to customer.

In 2000 the headquarters moved in own premises at the industrial area of Peristeri. The company turned into Christos Malamas & Co and grew to a leading manufacturer of the Greek market. In 2003, we installed a laser cutting machine investing in new technologies and high end equipment. We succeed in expanding our services both in advertising constructions and cutting and forming field.

The following years the company started exporting channel letters and advertising constructions providing foreign markets with signal solutions along with the relevant adjustments to prices and markets’ needs.

Additionally, in 2010 we settled CNC forming machines aiming at advanced technology, maximum quality, precise production and the fastest delivery time.

Since 2014, the third generation is incorporated in the family business. Chrisma Malamas, the current company, invests in new machinery to achieve a fully closed production, aims to new markets and adjusts to new advertising needs always with respect to environmental conditions. In parallel to the expansion of the activities, the company foresees to the recognition of a domestic product both indoors and abroad.

Today, Chrisma Malamas has developed into a highly capable team that serves every aspect of your signage needs with reliability, manufacturing flexibility, and expertise.