To deliver a finished product to high quality and immediate delivery times, our plant operates a powder coating line that serves both the advertising department and the sheet metal manufacturing section.
The pretreatment of the objects to be dyed is done with modern chemical methods to ensure durability and excellent aesthetic result.
The uniform distribution of the powder and its polymerization in the powder coating unit is ensured by state-of-the-art equipment, giving the possibility of coloring in galvanized steel, DCP, cold rolled steel and aluminum.
The variety of the objects that can be handled covers a wide range of applications from very small pieces to large surfaces and bulky structures.
To meet the needs of the market in color requirements, we are working with the largest and most experienced manufacturers of powder for powder coating. The coloring of objects can be done in RAL shades, with glossy, matte or sandblasted surfaces, in super-special color effects, metallic, sable, etc.